Measuring, governing and gaining support for sustainable bioenergy supply chains


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Events 2018

CONFERENCE “Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference Global 2018”: The IEA Bioenergy Conference 2018 was held on the first day of the conference which took place in San Francisco on the 7-9 November 2018 and was attended by almost 600 participants. The “ABLC Global 2018” was a collaboration involving IEA Bioenergy, USDOE BETO and The Digest. The leaders of three objectives presented final results of the project in the Sustainability Forum at the conference.

Moderator: Professor Martin Junginger 

Methods and tools to assess the sustainability of bioenergy
– Berndes

Approaches to creating trust in sustainability of bioenergy through effective governance
– Stupak

Positions, perception and vision of stakeholder groups on bioenergy: Key results
– Fritsche

CONFERENCE: Sustainability and governance of bioenergy supply chains

This was a side event at EUBCE 2018 organised in Copenhagen, May 2018. In this side event, several project members presented intermediate results of the objectives two and three.

 The aims of this side event are two-fold:

  1. To share project results of the work carried out on governance and stakeholder involvement with an audience from industry, policy, science, and civil society.
  2. To discuss existing and new approaches for governance – the way forward.
More information can be found at:

CONFERENCE: Governing sustainability of bioenergy, biomaterial and bioproduct supply chains from forest and agricultural landscapes.

The conference took place from the 17-19 April 2018 at the University of Copenhagen and several project members presented intermediate results of the three objectives. Conference themes included:
1. Sustainability impacts of biomass production
2. Policies and governance systems to assure sustainability of bio-based supply chains
3. Data and methodologies to verify sustainable practices
4. Stakeholder perceptions and engagement in relation to sustainability governance.

Presentations of the conference can be found at: 


Event 2017

The international workshop Sustainability of Bioenergy Supply Chainswas organised at Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Södra Hamngatan 59, Gothenburg, Sweden in 18-19 May.

Workshop summary can be found here.

  1. Introduction (Thursday, 18 May) of IEA Bioenergy Intertask Sustainability & Paris workshop outcome
  2. Presentations (Thursday, 18 May) on Objective 1: Measuring Bioenergy Sustainability
  3. Presentations on Objective 2 and 3: Bioenergy Governance & Stakeholders’ Perception:

                 – part 1 (Thursday 18 May)

                – part 2 (Friday, 19 May)

4. Presentations of the Plenary session (Friday 19 May) on Sustainability of Bioenergy Sector